Lower your stress and be satisfied!

One of my favorite activities for a Sunday when I am home all day, is preparing some food for the week.  A little extra time in the kitchen on Sunday can make the week much more enjoyable.  You will thank YOU!

Here are some of my favorites:

*Cutting up a sweet potato and baking with with coconut oil for a snack, breakfast or side any day.

*Preparing salmon/crab cakes to eat for lunch with a salad or sauteed kale or quinoa.

*Cooking quinoa in chicken broth as an easy side.

*Sauteeing kale in olive oil and adding slivered almonds and cranberries for a side.

*Pumpkin muffins as a breakfast or a treat.

It is best to choose items that are versatile for more than one purpose, that can be mixed and matched. The kale and sweet potatoes make great sides for any meal.  You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen.  This took me about an hour and I did it when I was already making salmon cakes for lunch today.