a Business & Career E-Book for Mindful Client-Based Business Owners

Get more clients, earn more money and enjoy growing your business. 

  • Enhance business stability
  • Cultivate more joy in your work day  
  • Make confident decisions 





74 pages of real stories, scripts & examples.

15 targeted activities to get you headed in the right direction.

6 weeks of customized guidance & feedback on your progress.

Expertise from 10 years of business coaching.



Two ways to get the guide:

Phone Coaching & Printed Guide

6-weeks of coaching via phone. 
Sessions last 45-60 min.
Printed copy of Career Freedom Guide.
Access to private facebook community.

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Email Coaching & Digital Guide

6-weeks of coaching via email ($16 per week).  
Digital copy of Career Freedom Guide.
Access to private facebook community.

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A must read for anyone looking to maximize their career in the fitness industry!
— Matt Hirschberg, COO Body Renew Winchester
Career Freedom is a great guide to help individuals identify their strengths and LEAD THEMSELVES to their own visions of success.
— Jeremy Manning, Owner of La Jolla's Finest Training
One of the techniques Beverly suggests in section six on “getting unstuck” helped me instantly “re-invent” my career for the better. That alone has been worth the price of “admission” for me.
— Amanda Vogel, MA, fitness writer, presenter, social media consultant, and blogger at FitnessTestDrive.com
The Fitness Industry can be saturated, competitive and exhausting. This is a must for any fitness professional looking to up their game and necessary to avoid burnout and maximize potential.
— Natalie Johnson, President of Population Health Consultants
This career guide emphasizes the foundations you need to sell yourself more naturally, with less pressure. It helped me figure out what my leadership style is and how I can successfully apply this to my work with a variety of clients.
— Jessica Tuttle, Certified Personal Trainer
The approach of this career guide was different from others I’ve read. It helped me assess all aspects of my life, not just my career. It asked great thought provoking questions, gave excellent real-life examples, and helped me to closer examine my learning and teaching styles. Best of all, it has helped me be more confident and true to myself in what I need and want in my career AND life.
— Jen Morris, Personal Trainer
Beverly’s career guide helped me build up my business plan with simple techniques and thought processes. In her six week program, I changed my mindset and brought my business to the next level. If you need a jump start in your business, I would recommend getting her guide.
— Diana Proemm, Lifestyle Photographer