Bev was my first mentor, inspiration and guide when pursuing my fitness career in 2005. Bev took me under her wing and guided me towards the success path I have carved over the past 10 years. Her knowledge of the fitness industry, experiences and mentorship was incredibly valuable to me and was exactly what I needed.
— Jenny Piro, Fit with Jenny
Bev’s anatomy class with very hands-on and visual. It was a great anatomy refresher. I am ready for more!
— Mike Spillman, Personal Trainer
Beverly is a great anatomy teacher who makes her classes fun and interactive. She gave us an appreciation for each muscle by focusing on body awareness, visualization and what it feels like to actually contract that muscle. I would highly recommend Beverly’s courses to anyone interested in anatomy even if you have taken previous anatomy courses.
— Dr. Adam Manninen, DC
Bev is very professional and instills that quality in her students. She encourages each individual to challenge themselves. I overcame my fear of speaking in front of group.
— Trish Robinson, Personal Trainer
Bev makes a great coach! The material she provided in our Strengths meeting was very helpful. She is knowledgable and enthusiastic about her subject matter.
— Jim Lustig, Outdoor Programs Coordinator
Jim Lustig.JPG
I am excited and motivated to learn more after re-connecting with my body in Bev’s Anatomy Course. The meditation for feeling and sensing where each muscle is was very helpful to me. As a trainer, I definitely recommend this course to others.
— Jeaneane Ebert, Personal Trainer
I was so grateful to have Bev as a guide during a time when I was really trying to find my foot in the health and wellness field. She gave me the confidence and courage I needed to follow my heart. Bev really sets you up for success with her wide-range of knowledge both on and off the books!
— Regina Pellegrino, Dietetics Student
Doing visualization and meditation associated with muscles and movement in anatomy class was very effective for me in gaining greater knowledge. I like Bev’s approach to learning, it is innovative.
— Mara Delle Valle, Personal Trainer
Bev is a lighthouse and keeps her students on course.  She encouraged me to stay on track and give it my all.  I was so happy to have her as my instructor.
— Robert Miller, US Navy
I am so glad I attended Bev’s class, it helped confirm my strengths. I have gained a better understanding of myself and how to perform at my best. I am recommending this opportunity to others in my life.
— Andrew Reddish, Intramural Sports Supervisor
Bev’s leadership helped me become a better teacher in my current job. I’ve become a more active listener and less judgmental of others. I would absolutely recommend Bev as a teacher. Not because she is knowledgable or passionate about fitness, but because she has a unique way of reaching each individual.
— Theresa Perales, ESL Instructor
Theresa Perales 2.jpg
Bev made me come out of my comfort zone. My way of interacting with people is different. I ask more questions in an attempt to get to know my clients better. Her way of teaching is fun and interesting.
— Corey Donna, Personal Trainer
Corey Donna.JPG
The knowledge I gained in the Anatomy Workshop was very helpful.  I know I can apply it in my practices.  I recommend it to others who want to learn about the body.
— Dorsadaf Moinzad
Bev’s assignments and activities were valuable because I applied real world situations with my peers. Her guiding responses were very helpful for my growth in the Fitness Industry.
— Joe Voight, Personal Trainer
Beverly’s anatomy course is the real deal. I’m a personal trainer that specializes in sports performance and works with professional athletes. I started using the training methods Beverly showed me the day after her workshop and immediately saw a positive difference in my clients. This course makes complex anatomy easy to understand, and teaches you how to stand out.
— Ryder Hollis. Personal Trainer