Andy's Anatomy Program

Awareness.  Action.  Accountability.

*21 videos of 100+ muscles, attachments and innovative exercises.
*50 page printed activity book.  
*Private discussion group to meet like-minded people.
*Coaching phone call for you to pick my brain.
*6 guided visualization audios to enhance body awareness.
*Dozens of module specific articles and videos to share with clients.

Course + Coaching + Community

Exercise application video - Module 1: Glutes

Exercise application video - Module 1: Glutes

Muscle attachment video - Module 5: Rotator Cuff

Muscle attachment video - Module 5: Rotator Cuff

Talk to clients with more confidence and credibility.

8 Week Program Schedule:

Week One: Program preparation with terminology and bony landmark review.
Week Two: Hip Extensors and Hip Flexors.
Week Three: Adductors and Deep Six Rotators.
Week Four: Knee Flexors, Knee Extensors, Ankle Plantar-flexors, Ankle Dorsi-flexors.
Week Five: Application/take a break week.
Week Six: Scapula Muscles, Shoulder Muscles.
Week Seven: Rotator Cuff, Elbow Flexors, Elbow Extensors.
Week Eight: Abdominals, Erector Spinae, Breathing (rib) muscles.

Module One - Glutes made out of pipe cleaners, balloons and play-doh!

Module One - Glutes made out of pipe cleaners, balloons and play-doh!

The "Erector Spinae" is not just ONE Muscle!  As you can see....  This is covered in Module Six.

The "Erector Spinae" is not just ONE Muscle!  As you can see....  This is covered in Module Six.

All movement starts with your muscles.

I've taught anatomy to clients and fitness professionals for 10 years and have a Masters Degree in Kinesiology.  

This program was designed from requests and suggestions of many students and people like you, so I know you'll love it!  

Find the answers you've been searching for...  I'll guide you around the human skeleton with weekly videos, visualizations, handouts, audios and articles that heighten body awareness and enhance movement integrity.

Navigate your body at a deeper level and improve your quality of movement.

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It's Time to Transform Your Body Awareness & Anatomy Knowledge 

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Andy's Anatomy Program
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How it Works

1) You receive pre-program materials to help you get organized and set you up for success:

  • A web page with bony landmarks, planes of motion and terminology videos.
  • An Anatomy program activity book (via snail mail) with quizzes, supplemental images, origin-insertions and bones to color.

2) Every week you receive an email with that weeks web page, including:

  • 2-3 muscle attachment videos using colored ribbons, play-doh, balloons and pipe cleaners.  These videos have close ups so you can get up close to Andy the skeleton.  
  • 1-2 functional exercise videos using real clients to help you apply the knowledge immediately.
  • A guided visualization recording to unwind your science mind and bring it back into your body to connect.
  • Videos are all less than 10 minutes and include hands on activities to try right away.

3) Connect with like-minded who also have a passion for the human body:

  • Post your aha moments and questions on the facebook page.
  • Ask me your toughest questions anytime they arise.


You offer an excellent program with the ability to progress at ones own pace. I love your technique of using balloons and bands. My skeleton model has been helpful with my teaching already.
— Sharon Byrnes, Pilates Instructor
Using Andy to teach anatomy in a 3D format allows you to understand functional movement at a deeper level. Applying this knowledge using assessment techniques that identify muscle weakness allows for more effective program design. The end result is increased client results, client retention, and referrals!
— Matt Hirschberg, COO Body Renew Fitness
Anatomy is the map and you need it before you can navigate around the body.
— Jeremy Manning, Owner of La Jolla's Finest Training
Working with Bev was a memorable experience. She made learning anatomy interactive, and showed me new ways of applying it to everyday life activities. She showed me how to build more value from personal training for myself and for all of my clients. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their anatomical knowledge about muscular activity.
— Gabriel Christian, CPT
Gabriel Christian.jpg
You have the opportunity to be a teacher, you gain respect and have more retention when you know anatomy well. Anatomy gives the client a “why” for doing their exercises.
— Debi Huber, MATsm, Owner of Pilates & Beyond
A sharp understanding of human anatomy and its relationship to movement and performance is an essential mark of the fitness expert. Thanks for laying it out so clearly Bev, well done.
— Cris Dobrosielski, Owner of Monumental Results
Bev makes anatomy easy to learn and less intimidating. Anatomy helps me be a better instructor and address people’s concerns better.
— Christina Flynn, Pilates Teacher
How can you help others if you don’t know your own body? Anatomy is your whole body and you use it all of the time. I learned how to help relieve my own sciatica with muscle attachment knowledge and positioning - that’s exciting!
— Margaret Lee, Yoga Instructor
Bev has an innovative approach to teaching anatomy with hands on participation. I like doing her guided visualization for each group of muscles. Refreshing anatomy helps you avoid complacency.
— Mara Della Valle, Personal Trainer
When I watch your videos, I always learn something new and it reminds me that I need to study anatomy more.
— Ericka Olson, Personal Trainer
I enjoyed using meditation to feel and sense where each muscle is located. This class would be good for trainers or anyone who is into fitness or sports.
— Jeaneane Ebert, Personal Trainer
Education courses give me a deadline and hold me accountable, the same way clients come to me for accountability. Exercise IS Anatomy. You can provide the best training for each clients needs.
— Christine Oakes, Personal Trainer

Other Thoughts from Students Who Took This Program:

"As a teacher, myself, I can appreciate Bev’s gift of presenting material clearly and thoroughly.  Her online snippits are perfect because they allow students to learn just a little bit at a time, which gives them time to learn, clearly understand and, most importantly, remember the information." 

"I really enjoyed how you explained the muscles and very creative in showing the origin and insertions. A lot of great information!"

"All the info is great and you present it in a way that is easily understood."

"The videos were easy to follow. The body is broken down into functional parts."

"I like that you can rewind the videos to get a better handle on the information."

"I really enjoyed how visual the program was.  The videos were a little fast but that's what rewind is for.  It was great getting together at work with our skeleton Andy and using the rubber bands to study.  I liked the application videos, I tried some on my own clients. This was a great refresher for anatomy !  Thank you!"

"I liked having "Andy" to give me a visual during the learning process. It was great to go over anatomy in detail again. I didn't realize how much I had lost."

"Students can watch videos again and again, until they feel very confident with the information. Kinesiology is a lot of information, but she presents it in small pieces, so that it’s manageable and students don’t become overwhelmed.  Additionally, her manner is very calm and friendly so students feel relaxed while they are learning."  


What's the time commitment?
Set aside 30-60 minutes per week to watch videos and fill out the action sheets.  What's great about this program is it fuels you with new ideas every week to take to work.  

What if I get behind during the 8 weeks?
The course prompts you with emails for 8 weeks. This is to help hold you accountable and pace you. If you get behind, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to re-visit the modules anytime you want! There is no behind in anatomy! Only small steps forward - each time you study it.

How is this different than other anatomy courses/books?
Many students describe this program as "interactive".  What of my gifts as a teacher is application activities.  It's how I learn and the only way I know to teach. If you've been confused looking at anatomy books in the past, this will help you be certain of where the muscles are on yourself so you can remember them and apply the knowledge.

I'm concerned about money.
I can break the price into two payments if it helps you make the commitment. You'll earn the money back as you grow into a more knowledgable fitness professional. (if you apply the information) This is high quality education based off 15 years of fitness industry success.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  People who earn a good living invest in their business and education.  The most expensive course I ever took was $10,000.  Just sayin'.

What if the technology or internet isn't working?
The activity book comes in the mail and you can download the videos if you have concerns about internet connection.  

Will I be able to see what's happening in the videos?
Enter your email up above and you can sample two of the videos to see for yourself.  Each video with the skeleton (Andy) has close ups that you can pause to study.  I always show you how to find the bony landmarks on yourself and use a balloon/rubber-band at home.  Remember, you have your own skeleton with you all of the time!  I will show you how to explore it.

What if I don’t like the program?
This program is awesome, but if you really don’t like it, there is a money back guarantee.  You will have to follow along with the course for at least three weeks and fill out all action sheets, then mail them to me for a refund.  I'm confident that if you watch each video and follow along with the action sheets and activities you will benefit ten times your investment.

Navigate the body with confidence...

Being confident in the fundamentals of the human body will open doors for you to collaborate with chiropractors, physical therapists and primary care physicians.  It will transform your body, stabilize your business and place you on a team that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through fitness.  We need you to step up and become a leader.  

Isn't it time you re-connected with your own body too?  This program is not just for your business, it is for YOU! ! !  I have worked with hundreds of personal trainers, pilates instructors and yoga teachers to address the many concerns they have with their own body.

 Learn all my tips and tricks for feeling good in your body and your business!

6 Hours of CEC's approved by:


You can petition for approval from your Certification Company.  Ask me how.  Send a message here.