I'm a fitness educator and writer   

People say that I help them feel grounded and that I get them activated.  

People say I look young, but I've actually been doing this for 15 years!   

Fitness, wellness, emotional health, and satisfaction with life are intertwined and self-supporting.  They all affect one another like dominoes.  I believe that awareness is the first step in any journey we want to take.  Knowing what direction to go can be a challenge at times, which is why it's nice to have guidance.    

Are you wanting to make changes to your career?  Or feel more comfortable in your body?  

I'll help you go deeper with your body and business, by strengthening the foundations that support you.  

Learn more about how I help fitness & wellness professionals build stronger foundations: explore the site!



Bev is one of the most well versed, enthusiastic, and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met in her practice. She know’s what she’s talking about, knows how to spread her know-how, and loves to do so. Bev made me decide to follow the career path I am following.
— Jackie Cork, Personal Trainer

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