What's Happening Now

Winter has arrived in Montana. I've been out to cross country ski twice already and am thrilled! It's my all time favorite activity. I got to the rock climbing gym for the first time in years with a girlfriend today. We both brought our babies so we could take turns. Brilliant idea! I love my mama friends. I've developed some incredible new relationships this year with other like minded moms.

I host a Facebook Live Show with one of my new mama friends, Erin. We're 20 episodes in and plan to make it a podcast soon. It's been a lot of fun teaching with this platform. We get to interact with our viewers in real time on Facebook just like we're in the classroom.

After presenting for my 5th year in a row at Idea World, my list of products for Idea Health and Fitness Association is growing. Check 'em out! The price is right at just $10.

I'm always staying busy writing and editing for the NFPT. And chasing my 13 month old son around. He's busy and happy. 

This NOW page was updated on 11/17/17. Thanks for the inspiration cuz