"Bev has an innovative approach to teaching anatomy with hands-on participation.  I like doing her guided visualization for each group of muscles.  Refreshing anatomy helps you avoid complacency." - Mara Delle Valle, Personal Trainer


"Bev was my first mentor, inspiration and guide when pursuing my fitness career in 2005.  Bev took me under her wing and guided me towards the success path I have carved over the past 10 years.  Her knowledge of the fitness industry, experiences and mentorship was incredibly valuable to me and was exactly what I needed." - Jenny Piro, Fit With Jenny


"Beverly is a great anatomy teacher who makes her classes fun and interactive. She gave us an appreciation for each muscle by focusing on body awareness, visualization and what it feels like to actually contract that muscle. I recommend Beverly's courses to anyone interested in anatomy even if you have taken previous anatomy courses." - Dr. Adam Manninen, DC


"Using Andy to teach anatomy in a 3D format allows you to understand functional movement at a deeper level. Applying this knowledge using assessment techniques that identify muscle weakness allows for more effective program design. The end result is increased client results, client retention, and referrals!" - Matt Hirschberg, COO Body Renew Fitness

Matt Hirschberg.JPG

"I am excited and motivated to learn more after re-connecting with my body in Bev's Anatomy Course. The meditation for feeling and sensing where each muscle is was very helpful to me.  I definitely recommend this course to  trainers or anyone who is into sports. - Jeaneane Ebert, Personal Trainer


"I was so grateful to have Bev as a guide during a time when I was really trying to find my foot in the health and wellness field. She gave me the confidence and courage I needed to follow my heart. Bev really sets you up for success with her wide-range of knowledge both on and off the books." - Regina Pellegrino, Dietetics student.


"Working with Bev was a memorable experience. She made learning anatomy interactive, and showed me new ways of applying it to everyday life activities. She showed me how to build more value from personal training for myself and for all of my clients. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their anatomical knowledge about muscular activity." - Gabriel Christiansen, Personal Trainer

Gabriel Christian.jpg

 "Beverly's anatomy course is the real deal. I'm a personal trainer that specializes in sports performance and works with professional athletes. I started using the training methods Beverly showed me the day after her workshop and immediately saw a positive difference in my clients. This course makes complex anatomy easy to understand, and teaches you how to stand out." -Ryder Hollis, Personal Trainer


"A sharp understanding of human anatomy and its relationship to movement and performance is an essential mark of the fitness expert.  Thanks for laying it out so clearly Bev, well done." - Cris Dobrosielski, Owner of Monumental Results

Cris Dobrosielski.jpg

"You offer an excellent program with the ability to progress at ones own pace.  I love your technique of using balloons and bands.  My skeleton model has been helpful with my teaching already." -Sharon Byrnes, Pilates Instructor

Sharon Byrnes.jpg

"How can you help others if you don't know your own body?   Anatomy is your whole body and you use it all of the time.  I learned how to help relieve my own sciatica with muscle attachment knowledge and positioning - that's exciting!" - Margaret Lee, Yoga Instructor