How FIT is your career?


1. Which leadership style are you?

a. Coach
b. Researcher
c. Team Player
d. I haven't thought about it/don't know

2. How often do you plant seeds for your career and business?

a. Every day
b. Once per week
c. Once per month
d. Sporadically


3. Which of the following is negatively effecting your career?

a. Money
b. Wasting time
c. Problem clients/colleagues
d. I don't know

4. What's your money mindset?

a. Broke
b. Accommodated
c. Wealthy
d. I haven't thought about it/don't know


5. Do you know who your ideal customer/client is and what they need most?
      Yes      or         No  

6. What are three unique strengths you possess that set you apart as a leader?



1.  a,b, or c =5 points
Knowing your leadership style is a great way to steer conversations to your advantage. Learn more about your leadership style to improve your bottom line. Observe yourself and increase awareness to understand your styleAsk others how they view you.

2.  a = 5 points, b = 3 points, c = 1 point.  d = 0 points
Planting seeds in small ways with consistency keeps your career garden sprouting with new opportunities. The methods you choose to do this depend on your leadership style.

3. a,b, or c = 5 points
It's crucial to keep an eye on parts of your career that drain energy.  They negatively impact your positive efforts more than you realize. Pulling a weed from your career garden opens up new opportunities.  

4. a = 5 points, b = 3 points, c = 1 point.  d = 0 points
Money is a sticking point for most fitness professionals. Getting a handle on your attitude and your tracking methods makes you more wealthy instantly.   

5. Yes = 5 points
Knowing who your ideal customer is, what they need and how they think is a key to success when choosing marketing messages and creating programs.

6. 5 points for each answer you gave.  
Being clear on your strengths makes your work week more enjoyable and enables you to help more people. Utilizing your strengths energizes you!


30-45 points = Top income earners
20-30 points = Getting by
Less than 20 points = Feeling stuck?  Get guidance below...