What's Happening Now

Summer is tapering off in Montana, with one (of four) favorite seasons heading our way - fall! I just got a 2nd hand baby backpack to carry my almost one year old son in on my hikes. I'm getting my legs ready for ski season, another favorite! Oh heck, I love all the seasons. That's why I live here.

I'm excited to offer Andy's Anatomy Course as a National Federation of Professional Trainers CEC course, making it available to a wider audience through their family of personal trainers.

I presented for NFPT at the Idea World Fitness Convention for my fifth year in July and am excited that they filmed both sessions so people who didn't make it can benefit from the material I taught.

The thing I'm most excited about right now is watching my son learn to walk. As a movement and anatomy nerd - it's fun to see the various "exercises" he does to work on this skill! No personal trainer needed!

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Bev is one of the most well versed, enthusiastic, and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met in her practice. She know’s what she’s talking about, knows how to spread her know-how, and loves to do so. Bev made me decide to follow the career path I am following.
— Jackie Cork, Personal Trainer

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