Strengths Finder 2.0 is a measurement tool, a quiz you take online to identify your top 5 Strengths.  According to the research, you have certain skills that are adapted in your earliest years of life.  These skills do not change much over time.  This measure explores 34 possible strengths and ranks you on them according your answers to a series of questions.  Knowing and applying actions steps to "cash in" on these strengths will lead you to a happier, healthier and more successful life.  People often spend a lot of time improving their weaknesses.  This can lead to disappointment because the brain is hard wired to have certain skills and not others.  Trying to improve weaknesses allows little time to improve your natural talents.
You probably have an idea of what your strengths are.  

You are unique and have a different skill set then others.  
You will approach tasks differently than others.  

Get into your natural rhythm now!  Why wait and continue to struggle?

Find out for sure!

Identify your Top 5 Strengths NOW !

*Increase your awareness.
*Let go of your weaknesses at last!
*Find out why some things are so hard for you.
*Increase your energy.
*Decrease energy drains.

Take the Strengths Finder Test and schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consult with Bev to see how she can help you apply the results.  The test is only $9.99 and the coaching call is FREE! 

WHY did it change my life?????

*It allowed me to identify with who I am at a deeper level.
*I can now say YES to opportunities with confidence that they align with my natural skills.
*I can say no or ask/hire someone to help me with tasks that will drain my energy.


What if Strengths Finder tells me I shouldn't be in the career I chose?

Strengths Finder gives you qualities about yourself that can apply to any job.  These qualities are not limited to a certain career.  Knowing your talents allows you to choose tasks within your given job that you will excel with and say no to energy drains that don't align with your natural abilities.

Can I do this with my team at work?

Absolutely!  In fact it has strengthened relationships at work, at home and of course with yourself.  Group sessions are available for teams, contact Bev to receive a quote.