Bev has a wealth of knowledge and is always excited about expanding her horizons and learning more.  We do a one-on-one Pilates regimen, so it's tailored to my specific needs and it changes according to my body's behavior on that particular day.

Robin Gitman


Bev is strict about technique to ensure you are working the right muscles of your body and protecting against injury.  I travel occasionally for work and really wish I could take her with me so I don't miss a session. She also eats, breathes and lives a healthy lifestyle. I've worked with a number of trainers over the years, but Bev is the complete package.

Gail Scott


At age 83 it is very important I maintain my physical balance and flexibility. Bev Hosford has been a God send in that department!  Bev is a real professional trainer - - not just a tread mill and pumping weights trainer.  Bev has worked hard to learn the finer techniques of what and how the body functions.  She takes a real personal interest in each of her clients.  With all of her knowledge and experience Bev also has a very winning personality.  She is the best !!

Red Scott


Bev is great at motivating me to keep challenging myself. She's really helped change my state of mind when it comes to well-being. I actively think about everything from posture, to nutrition, to stretching 'round the clock now and its led me to be happier and healthier! She's very giving, never judgmental, and endlessly encouraging.

Erik Hageman


Beverly has helped me so much in the relatively short time I have been training with her. I have suffered with back pain for years and her training in Pilates and MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) combined with her knowledge of strength training has made me aware of how to use my body more efficiently and comfortably.

Mara Lawrence


Bev is extremely interested in my health and well being when we are training and is always watching that my exercises are done correctly so as not to hurt myself. Bev has the innate ability to make training a unique learning experience while integrating fun and hard work into the mix. She make me feel good about me and I don't think it can get better than this.

Gina Phillips


Bev is one of the most well versed, enthusiastic, and genuinely caring individuals I've met in her practice. She know's what she's talking about, knows how to spread her know-how, and loves to do so. Bev made me decide to follow the career path I am following.

Jackie Cork


Bev drives me to a healthier life style through a consistent positive attitude that pushes me to maintain a strong fitness regimen. Her knowledge of the body helps me stay agile, aligned and able.

Karl Hageman


Bev is a top level instructor, she is an expert at taking people out of their comfort zone and ultimately expanding her students.

Mesa College Student