Mint & Eggplant

Penne with Eggplant, Tomatoes and Mozzarella was the dish for tonight.  Limit the mozzarella to lessen the calories and buy whole grain pasta for higher nutrient value (check the ingredients, don't rely on the package advertising). 

Mint was the herb in this dish that caught my attention.  Its easy to grow on your own and adds a very fresh taste to the dish.  Mint can help with stomach aches and chest pain.  It has also been used to whiten teeth and is found in everything from tea to shampoo. 

This dish was very tasty, juicy from the tomatoes, flavorful from the red pepper & garlic!  There are lot's of colors and that's what I look for in my food, it makes it taste better, look better and I just know its full of vitamins and minerals!

Plant mint near a door to drive ants away or take it camping to repel mosquitos.  This plant has many uses, from culinary to practical!!!