Protein Planning for Women

My sister inspired me to do some protein planning for the ladies!  This is based off a 120 lb female requiring 43 grams and is not taking into account fat, cholestrol, salt, or individual factors, so keep that in mind!!!  This is not a prescription, but a place to begin creating your own plan. 

With a little extra effort, you can tweak these numbers, add other foods, etc.  Let me know if you have questions!  Happy Planning!

Protein Sources
Egg: 4.7g
Almonds: 6g/24
Walnuts: 4g/14 halves (more fat - unsat)
Black Beans: 15 g/1 cup
Salmon: 20g
Tuna: 25g
Chicken: 46g

COMPLETE PROTEIN (if not eating animal proteins)
grains + legumes
nuts/seeds + legumes
corn + legumes
grains + nuts

43g/day for 120 lb female

Options for full day of protein:

1) 2 eggs, 1 serving of walnuts with oatmeal, 2 servings of beans with corn
2)Fish, 1 serving of almonds with whole grain pasta, 1.5 servings of black beans with corn