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Energy Suckers & Brain Drainers!

You often hear me mention the brain in regards to mental health, personal growth and when it comes to activating your muscles.  With all the hard work you are doing, be sure the simple tasks you perform every day are not holding you back!  I don't think its worth being paranoid over every little task and every object in your home.  Its easy enough to put your alarm clock with the LED lights on the other side of the room and to turn off the cell phone or put it in airplane mode during your sleep.  

Having a balance and enjoying life is just as important.  However, a picture says a thousand words and when I saw these 4 photos, it said it all.  Sure, it may be fake - but what good would that do to the person who wrote this article anyhow?  We all know food tastes better when its cooked on the stove (assuming your pots and pans aren't radiating chemicals from the non-stick coating - we will save that for another day).  

Stop grabbing that Starbucks twice a day and start paying attention to the energy suckers and brain drainers in your life!!! 

Click Here and learn about your microwave!

Thanks Fit With Jenny for the link!