Which really is Faster?

“You can’t medicate your way out of a disease that you behaved yourself into.” -Unknown. 

This quotation applies to more than just individuals who want to reverse a lifetime of poor choices with a magic pill.  Everywhere you look there are quick fixes to problems that previously required some good old fashioned effort and behavioral change. 

Is faster, better?
Headache medicine instead of rest
Teeth Whitening instead of attention to oral hygiene
Bark collars instead of proper training

What “quick fix” situations do you see around you?  Could they be replaced with a more wholesome solution?  Something that would cause responsibility and maybe even some personal growth?  Some collaboration with others perhaps?

Science is incredible, I have dedicated my lifetime to studying it and using my findings to help others through education.  When does science replace human behavior?  Or is it just "us"?  We don't have the discipline to decide the difference between an ailment that is only solved by a modern medicine solution and a behavior that has caused damage, but can still be corrected.  

I base a lot of my own health around finding the root of the problem and correcting it.  It is how Muscle Activation Techniques locates and treats inhibited muscles, sometimes saving an individual from surgery or pain medication.  It is how people avoid going on high blood pressure or cholesterol medication.  It is how you teach a young child to behave without extrinsic rewards or bribery.  

It takes longer, yes!!!  But in the end, the results will be lasting, rewarding and without other side-effects.  Take a look at your life this week and find something that you use a quick fix for.  Attempt to make some changes.  If you have caffeine every morning to counterbalance lack of sleep, try to get to be earlier just 1 or 2 nights more than previously.  You don't have to change it all and I am not saying that a cup of Joe in the morning isn't necessary in many cases.  Its when that occasional quick fix becomes a habit that you will eventually need another down the road.  

Only treating the symptoms will lead to more symptoms, which will require more symptom treatments.  It is like an endless pile of dominoes knowing one another over.  Stop the chain now!  Get started!!!