The Taste That Kills!

Increase Shelf Life!
Increase Flavor!
Increase Sales!!!

Sounds great!  Right?  WRONG!!!!

The Kraft Documentary reported that sales went up when they marketing the convenience of packaging, individual slices etc.  Nothing went up when they advertised the taste, health, etc.  Is convenience equivalent to happiness???? 

Cooking with preservatives does not reduce harm as it does with bacteria in food, it makes the chemicals more harmful, the heat adds more effects.

Your body and fruits both produce some of the ingredients in your food already - which makes them seem harmless, but in larger amounts these become deadly: glutamante, phenylalamine, sulfates.  

Top Killers: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes
We are getting more scientifically advanced, so why are these still an issue???  Its ironic that preservatives lead to all 3 of these...

We are raising $ for cures, but what about prevention?  Instead of ignoring what’s in your food (the easy way) and then seeking out pharmaceuticals for answers, what if you spent some extra time learning now and less of your health and money later?  Its great to find cures, but how about we spend our donations on prevention so we don't have to spend as much on the cures after the pain & suffering?

You can actually get away with consuming more calories if it is natural, a lot of time the preservatives cause weight gain!  If our body can’t metabolize the chemicals, they are stored in fat, outside of cells.

Don’t get overwhelmed and as a result do nothing.  Strip the layers, like an onion.  Eliminate one item at a time and work your way through.  Good Luck!

Inspired by: Dr. Ivana Nedic of North County Family Chiropractic

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