The Best Routine To Reduce Stress

When I travel and stay with different people, I can’t help but notice what priority smart phones are taking over our own self care.  It’s hard to hear the subtle signals the body is sending you when you’re distracted.  How can you get focused on your day when you’re busy looking at what everyone else is doing first?  Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! 

Check in with yourself before you check Facebook.

It’s easier to concern yourself with what others are doing then to tune in and do something for yourself.  The reward comes faster, the entertainment is enticing.  It's human nature.  On the other hand, it takes effort to care for yourself.  I get it.  But, the reward is long lasting.      

Do you have a morning routine?

Re-direct the focus onto yourself in the morning before you do anything else!  Whether your goal this holiday is to reduce stress, lose weight, be more productive or eat healthier - it all begins with self-awareness and self-care.  How you start your morning impacts the rest of your day.

Sip Tea

Sip Tea



Choose from these morning activities and create something that works for you. 
Do each one for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.  Mix and match, add your own.

*Yoga pose(s) or gentle stretches

*Sip warm water/tea and gaze out the window

*Pet your dog/cat

*Listen to music

*Sit up in bed and meditate or belly breathe


*Write in a journal (your dreams or other thoughts)


What's your morning routine?

Share it and other ideas in the comments below.

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