Planting Seeds

An unexpected wedding gift came to us when we tied the knot on a gorgeous Montana Sunday two weeks ago.  My cousin gave us an apple tree with a white bow on it.  It was a clever idea and very thoughtful in many ways...  

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The sentiment behind the young apple tree gift goes back one hundred years.  Our great grandfather built a home in Scranton, PA and had a couple apple trees in the yard.  Our families visited Pennsylvania each summer for many years when we were growing up.  One of the apple trees had a hole in it, so you could put an apple into the upper end and it would come out the bottom.  

It's the small thrills that excite kids!

The tree that now lives in our Montana yard represents our marital union AND it's a seed planted in our lives.  It'll represent the time that passes in our marriage and bear fruit for us to eat.  It'll grow stronger as we do.  It may take a few years to produce, but it'll be worth the wait.  I'm already enjoying looking at it as the new addition to our yard.  

The concept of planting seeds can be applied throughout our lives.  

I teach "planting seeds" in my career and business courses.  

I wrote an entire chapter about planting seeds in my book.  

In life, you plant seeds by developing new relationships, trying new hobbies and planting fruiting trees in your backyard.  You plant seeds by getting married, starting a family and building a home.  

The more you nurture your hobbies, relationships and home - the more fruit they bear.    

In business, you plant seeds by networking with other professionals, writing articles and marketing yourself.  You plant seeds by sharing your ideas with others and taking courses to further your education.  

Seeds don't always produce fruit right away.  Like the apple tree, some take more time than others.  

The fact that things take time can sometimes prevent us from planting seeds in the first place.  Making a new friend might seem like a lot of work, trying a new hobby can be intimidating or money often seems too scarce to do marketing or take a class.

This fall: 

#1 Remember to plant seeds, they may sprout in the spring or next fall or years from now.  

#2 Acknowledge the seeds that have sprouted for you and appreciate them.   

In a society of instant gratification, it's important to remember that some of the best things in life take time to evolve and grow.  

What seeds are you planting this fall?  

What seeds have you planted in the past that you've seen grow this year?  

I'd love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.

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