The Best Routine To Reduce Stress

The Best Routine To Reduce Stress

When I travel and stay with different people, I can’t help but notice what priority smart phones are taking over our own self care.  It’s hard to hear the subtle signals the body is sending you when you’re distracted.  How can you get focused on your day when you’re busy looking at what everyone else is doing first?  Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! 

Check in with yourself before you check Facebook.

My travel and business secret

My travel and business secret

I was sitting on a stool eating my lunch and looked down at Koda.  I'd never seen that look on her face before...  On the stool next to me was a grey cat.  My heart rate went up.  I didn't know what she might do.  I asked her to "leave it".  She was laser focused.  I decided to pet the kitty to show he was a friend.  That was the wrong choice.  She let out a snarl, maybe she was trying to protect me from this beast?  You've got to act quick when disciplining a dog, they have a short memory.  I told her "NO!".  Everything was harmonious after that.  

I took a deep sigh of relief and reminded myself that this is why I love traveling and working on the road.  

Take a vacation...

Bring vacation into your daily life...  Close your eyes...

Imagine your favorite escapes and various components that made them memorable. 







Its incredible how our brain can re-create pleasure with some simple creativity and implementation...

Here are some of mine to help get your mind rolling -


Bali - Indonesia

Placing a fresh picked plumeria flower on the side of bath tub while I soak and relax.


Maui - Hawaii

Mango Salsa & Avocado with chips on a random afternoon takes me away to paradise.


Venice - Italy

Getting lost in the moment with the food & sharing smiles with the farmers/artisans at local San Diego markets.


Paris - France

Preparing Chicken with Mushroom Sauce to re-live the flavors of the city.

What enjoyable moments along your travels can you incorporate into your daily life?

Please share with us!  We can all use inspiration from time to time.