Why does sitting cause discomfort?

Do you sit more than an hour a day?  In the car, at a desk, watching tv, playing games?  It all adds up!  You're not alone...

I got what felt like sciatica for the first time in my life while driving across the country last spring .  I was excited!!!!  Why?  Because, it meant I could use my body to find better solutions for YOU.  Sciatica can really only be diagnosed by a doctor, aside from that, it's just sacral discomfort.  

 As a writer, I've really begun to understand what's happening mechanically when people sit all day.  Contrary to popular belief, muscles don't stay shortened after sitting for long periods.  What's really happening is....once you do move your body resists the change momentarily.  Thus is life!  Change is challenging, isn't it?  

There are a lot of protocols out there for ergonomic desk positioning, but it's not a one size fits all problem.  

One of my missions this year is to educate people on what good posture really is and how to know what it feels like.  I've already given a few seminars  and will be presenting on this topic in May at a wellness conference here in Bozeman.  

Check out this video to:
Understand what "tight hip flexors" really means.
Take a closer look at "pelvic tilts" (which only happen in a perfect environment).
Learn some exercises to do while sitting in a chair (always get evaluated individually, but try these out).

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Share some techniques you know that can help people who sit at a desk all day.
What other questions do you have about sitting?

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