My travel and business secret

I was sitting on a stool eating my lunch and looked down at Koda.  I'd never seen that look on her face before...  Then, I noticed the grey cat on the stool next to me.  My heart rate went up.  I didn't know what Koda was thinking, but I had a guess...  I asked her to "leave it".  She was laser focused.  I decided to pet the kitty to show he was a friend.  That was the wrong choice.  She let out a snarl!  Maybe she was trying to protect me from this beast?  Positive reinforcement doesn't always work and you've got to act quick when disciplining a dog, they have a short memory.  I told her "NO!".  Everything was harmonious between her and the cat after the scolding.  I took a deep sigh of relief and reminded myself that this is why I love traveling and working on the road.  

Surprises.  I love them.  Adventure, it calls to me.

In 2014, I gave up a stable job teaching college courses and a group of wonderful clients to move to Montana.  It was time to fulfill a dream of mine.  I spent 4 months designing and filming an online anatomy program that launched two weeks ago!  To supplement income, I write articles for magazines, develop programs for fitness companies and have some clients in town.  Initially, it wasn't enough to replace my comfortable lifestyle of the past.  It's not easy being an entrepreneur.  You've gotta be flexible and financially smart.

Looking to earn extra money while you build a business?

Craving more adventure in your life?

Here's my little secret...  When traveling through Europe a few years ago, a friend and I stumbled upon a company that opened up the world to me, literally.  This company allowed us to travel on a low budget and get an authentic experience in Europe.  It also satisfied our curiosity and need for variety.  This company save money while traveling and helps me earn income when I'm working at home.  It's called Air BnB.  

Have you ever used this website?  If so, please share a story in the comments. 

If not, keep reading and then visit their site to start exploring the possibilities... 

Looking at the variety of places to stay is invigorating for the adventurous spirit.  It's a great alternative to hotels and can cost the same or less.  It's great for those of us who like to get the residents view of a town and love seeing the inside of local homes.  It's a less expensive, more flexible version of VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner).  You can choose to rent a room in a home or have your own condo/house.  The site helps you figure it out.  

Traveling this way creates good stories and memories...

With Air BnB, you get to pick the location, type of home (condo, house, etc.), amenities, price and more...  It's very customizable.  Sometimes you stay with interesting people.  If you become a host, that's where the real fun begins.  I'd been traveling with the site for 2 years before I became a host this year.  It's been a blessing welcoming like-minded travelers into my home.  I love hearing their stories and making their stay comfortable.  It's a passion of mine and earning money is the bonus!  

How it works...

Two months ago, a friend and I planned a trip to ski in Utah.  I wanted to bring Koda (dog) and hotels are limited in yard space.  Here is what we put into the Air BnB site to find a place to stay.

1) Less than $100/night (for two of us)
2) Hot Tub
3) Dog Friendly with yard
4) Halfway between Alta and Snow Basin ski areas

We found one place that met the criteria.  Fenced in yard, two bedrooms, kitchen and everything else we needed.  It looked perfect in the photos and had good reviews from other travelers, so we booked it!

A few days before the trip, I decided to spend the night at the half way point in Idaho, instead of making the entire 7 hour drive in one shot.  Here is what I put into the computer:

1) Less than $40/night
2) Dog friendly
3) Near Lava Hot Springs, Idaho


After booking this reservation, I found out a good friend would be in Pocatello (next town over) that same night.  We met up for a hike, thai food and visit to Lava Hot Springs. 

I enjoyed staying with an interesting couple in the mountains, on the edge of the hiking trail.  They live off the land and it was neat staying in a room with a view of their greenhouse.  Koda got to play with their dogs and this is where she met the cat from the opening paragraph.  It was just what I needed.  A change of scenery, some exploration and good conversations with new friends.  

In Utah, we're now staying in a downstairs apartment within a bigger home.  We have our own entrance, a movie theater, pool tables and pin ball machines!  They have two dogs that Koda plays with in the yard while we we're skiing.  Tell me about a hotel that has that!  

One time I stayed on a river in Montana, next to a horse farm.  Every stay is unique and special in it's own way.  Hotels are still a fun treat too.  They have their pluses.      

want to try it?

It might seem scary to rent from people you never met, but Air BnB references people who join the community.  Each host has reviews you can read through.  If you don't feel comfortable, you can leave with a full refund.  There is also insurance involved...  Check it out.  

What goes around comes around

Exactly a year ago, I stayed in an Air BnB home to see what Bozeman was like and in two weeks I get to provide that for someone else.  I've always loved having people stay in my house.  Probably because my parents let friends sleep over when I was a kid.  What goes around comes around with Air BnB.  I take care of my guests and I stay with other people who like to do the same.  

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The internet has brought unique opportunities like this to help you along, all you've got to do is take advantage of them and let the fun begin!

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