The foundation of all "ab" exercises

Everybody has a love/hate relationship with their abs.  They love working on them and yet hate the pain of planks!  Before someone begins an abdominal routine, it's important to make sure they understand what muscles to focus on.  

Ensuring the right and left sides are working equally is also a good idea.  If they don't, this is where problems begin.  Slowly but surely - one crunch after the next, compensation patterns develop.  The stronger side gets stronger and the weaker side never catches up.  

If one side of your abs is stronger than the other, it causes a subtle rotation and side bend in the spine that will eventually lead to bigger problems then flabby abs...    

Get more out of your abdominal workouts and have a better chance of getting the results you're looking for.  Before you do another crunch, plank or abdominal exercise, make sure you know exactly where the transverse abdominus muscle is and if the right and left sides are equal in strength.  This muscle is the foundation for all trunk movement.  

Watch the video to learn:
*Where the TVA attaches, to enhance your anatomy knowledge.
*How you can connect with it to build body awareness.
*How to identify if one side is stronger or weaker.

Now, it's your turn!
*Is one side stronger on you?
*How do you connect with your TVA?
*Please add other exercise ideas in the comments. 

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