How I took 2 inches off my tummy

I participated in the most incredible 21-Day Program last month that changed my energy levels, my attitude and of course my middle.  When I say middle, I mean my tummy, my digestive system and most importantly my immune system.  This is preventative medicine at its finest, but can also be used to target health concerns that the doctors and over-the-counter medicines cannot treat.  If you are struggling with any nagging symptoms (headaches, fatigue, acne, allergies, etc.) read on.... 

Sara Grout, MS has coached people all over the country, including Australia.  After many years of practicing nutrition on herself and others, she has narrowed down an action plan that transforms not only your outsides, but as she says, more importantly, YOUR INSIDES.  I believe that health starts from the inside and is then displayed on the outside.  The outside of our body often gives us signals and clues as to what's going on inside.  It can be a challenge to know what exactly is happening internally.

Tone Your Tummy and Banish the Bloat spills all of the SECRETS and crushes our past beliefs about weight-loss.  As a science geek, I am always looking for programs and products that make sense, but also that are practical and that can be applied.  There is endless information out there with the internet growing every day.  Sara takes this information and provides it in a way that is reasonable to apply to your life!

I think one of my favorite parts was all of the new recipes I learned to make and more importantly, the value behind the ingredients I was using!  Sara is full of knowledge and every last detail is with intent.  Take a look for yourself and if you really want to see the results, take the challenge! 

My mind feels so much more clear with the new habits I have gained.  When my insides are clean and clear, so is my mind and I am now attracting all kinds of positive opportunities and people into my life.  Who would have thought the gut could make such a difference!!?

She only takes on 10 women at a time, every month - so get reading and get on board!!!

Body Brilliance Coaching, Inc.