Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Do you ever ponder your financial future?  Do you worry about how to save money when you are struggling to pay your bills?  

David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire will help get you on track!  He coined the term, “Latte Factor” which originally described everyone’s favorite coffee drink, purchased daily.  Your factor might be something else, such as chewing gum, iced tea, lip gloss or movie rentals.  What ever it be, we can all “squeeze” some extra money (a few $$$) into a savings account.  Automatic Millionaire encourages the reader to pay them-self before paying everyone else, even the government (taxes).  Save money for your future before you pay the taxes on it (through a 401K if you have the opportunity) or via an IRA if you are self-employed.

Everyone can connect to one of his real life stories about people he gave financial advice to over the years.  Get motivated to re-evaluate your financial goals.  My dad gave me this book as a graduation gift when I was 24.  I didn’t apply the principles immediately, but once I got started I will never look back!  It is never too late or too early to read this book.  The rewards for implementing his strategies EARLY will pay off very nicely!

If you have excuses as to why you can’t save money, this book will help you move forward.  I first read it when I was broke, right out of grad school with only a few clients a week to pay my rent and he helped me locate that extra savings to get started.  4 years later I am happy to look at how that account has grown & compounded.  Its never to late to start, but the longer you wait the harder it will be.  Because at the end of the day, its not so much the money you save, its the habit of paying yourself first! 

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