Sketchers Shape-Ups

Are Sketcher's Shape-Ups good for me?

I get asked about shoes often and its important to remember, that each shoe is a different tool for your body to get around.  Think of a screw-driver, a hammer and a wrench.  They all have a different function.  Another great analogy is your workout in the gym: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Balance, Cardio, etc.  These are all tools for fitness.  You wouldn’t choose just one for an overall conditioning of your body.  Think of your shoes this way, each one can be compared to a treadmill or a bike or an elliptical.  Each having a different purpose.

We are all looking for the quick fix, the easy way out and the most efficient method.  Its human nature!  As far as the Sketchers Shape-Ups are concerned, they are supposed to help tone certain leg muscles.  Remember, the muscles they tone will vary depending on your body type, fitness level, previous conditions and biomechanics.  They will cause you to compensate certain foot muscles however to accomplish this, so it may not be wise to wear them all day.  I like to compare wearing rigid shoes to wearing an oven mitt on our hands...  Would you keep your finger restricted? 

When I asked my Facebook friends I received a variety of responses, “I could definitely feel it working my legs”, “I bought them for my girlfriend, she hearts them”,  “All day wear IMO really depends on how the individual walks (pronation vs supination) and the design of the shoe”, “I was told NOT to wear MBTs all day & to build up in small increments”. 

Regardless, any shoe is going to change the natural bio-mechanics of the foot.  My philosophy is to have well-rounded footwear, based on your own goals and biomechanics.  Don't spend too much time in any one shoe and spend as much time barefoot & aware of your foot strength as possible.  Wear sneakers like the sketchers as you would commit yourself to a 45 minute workout. So wear them for a little bit everyday for benefit, but not all day long (you wouldn't lift biceps all day long).

Some of my favorites are Ecco’s and Feelmax.  When worn in properly, they can provide an adequate amount of balance throughout the joints and allow the body to move the way it was designed.

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