I am connected to WHO???

The power behind your social networks is larger than you imagine.  Not Facebook, I mean your friend's cousin's father or your mother's boyfriend's uncle.  You don't want to be affected by them?  According to this brillant research study, you just might be!!!  And them by you!

You have heard of the 6 degrees of separation?  Within 3 degrees could be your reason for gaining weight, for picking up a new slang term or trying a fabulous restaurant!  Someone to blame? or are you to blame?  And on a more positive note, perhaps you are the one to be thanked, for making a positive change in someone else! 

When I watched the YouTube videos posted on this website it opened my eyes to the power of influence that exsists within our communities.  What a DIFFERENCE we can make on others by setting a good example!  Take a moment to visit the site, scroll to the bottom and watch the 2 videos, let the experts dazzle you!

One other favorite video that really sums up the power of our environments is the piano stairs, click here to watch and see just how much power there is around us.  Work on your mind, but also demand an environment of people and settings that serve you.  And always seek out to serve others!!!