Are your belieifs Limited?

We all want to be positive and some of us make a noted effort at achieving these happy thoughts.  Why do we still struggle so much?  Dr. Adrianne Ahern, PhD discusses the neurologly that is preventing us from moving forward!  She tells of an incredible story about a Tiger named Mohini who you must read about in her opening chapters.  On every page of her book, she provides activites to guide you through the re-wiring of your own brain!  You CAN heal yourself!

You all know how much I believe in ACTION!  Her book does just that, it provides action-oriented steps to match the discussion every time.  Her audio CD comes with the book as well!  Be ready to make some changes, because if you are willing to spend as much time on your own brain as you do taking a shower each day, then the results will amaze you.  Feel better, attract other happy people into your life and enjoy the world more!

You are the only one who can achieve the results, you have to put the time you up for the challenge?  Why are we willing to invest our time into SO MANY meaningless activites, but not in our own health and happiness?  We seek out quick fixes, it is like visitng the mall and buying a bunch of junk on sale, instead of a few items we will LOVE!  Give yourself a chance this summer and read Back in Charge!!! 

Dr. Ahern has a private practice in San Diego, but she also does phone consultations, she works with insurance and I would highly reccommend her to anyone who is ready!  Click Here to visit her site.