What do you think of when you hear the word MEDICINE?

I went to my sisters Sociology of Health & Illness class at DePaul University on Monday as a guest.  The discussion that these students were having was of great interest to me. 

Some notes from my page:

  • $1 of Direct to Consumer (DTC) advertising translates to $4.20 for pharmaceutical companies
  • Doctors who are looking for $$$ vs. Doctors who have passion to heal others
  • Consumers seem to create the demand for these "quick fixes"
  • Is the newest disease coming out going to be something like, "Slow Walking" & then a drug for that?
  • Does our medicine make us evolved and give us an edge?  Does it make us innovative?
  • Are we eliminating diversity?  By submitting to a "standard" to be the ideal human being?  With the perfect genetics?
  • We seem to have little patience for the aging process and a small capacity to embrace it.


These are just a few of my notes from the class, items that stood out in my mind.  Perhaps some thing syou can ponder or discuss with your loved ones as you make decisions for your own "health".  With all of the confusion and controversy I think it is important to re-emphasize the importance of having control over our own health and using the doctor as our guide or as our partner in this journey we call life. 

Please send me your comments or feedback and thoughts, I am curious to know what you think!!!