Strengthen your hips at a deeper level

Under-cover Exercise

Kegels are one exercise you can do anywhere to strengthen your pelvic floor.  These muscles do more than just  "kegel".  Learn where they attach, so you can make better use of these important stabilizers.  This video is inspired by the wonderful pilates instructors I've had the pleasure of working with over the years.

I'll never forget my first pilates class in 2005 at San Diego State University.  Sara Grout opened my eyes to the many possibilities of engaging the pelvic floor with creativity and flow.  

See the pelvic floor like never before:
Purple: puborectalis
Red: pubococcygeus
Green: iliococcygeus
Orange: coccygeus
Pink: piriformis

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Looking for pilates in Southern California? Pacifica Pilates, Pilates and Beyond and Flynn Pilates are a few good options.  Kristi, Debi and Christina are great instructors to guide you.  You can also look up Sara in Colorado if you find yourself in the Denver area, she knows all the best spots for pilates.

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What exercises do you teach or use for the pelvic floor?  Share them below.

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