Learn from my mistake...

Even a biomechanics specialist misses something once in awhile...  Lunges, wide squats, plies, wall sits, band walks and plenty of planks seemed adequate to prepare for my first full ski season.  

I missed something...

Fresh snow (powder) is not something I'm used to, coming from 10 years in Southern California.  We've had quite a few powder days at Bridger Bowl and I found out the hard way that it requires good adductor strength.  

Not just any old adductor strength.... because I had done plenty of plies and wide squats.... 

Plies and wide squats are great for training to horse back ride or snow mobile, as the adductors are lengthened when contracting.  However, when skiing powder, it's helpful to keep the legs closer together (under the hips), which means the adductors are shortened when contracting.

Doing isolated band exercises that involved adducting the leg into the midline would have done the trick.  That and some pelvic floor work, because it helps with stabilization when the  adductors are shortened.  

Once again you can see how important it is to understand movements patterns, whether it's for sports performance or staying away from pain.  Understanding how each person moves and which muscles are contracting is very valuable!

See why the pelvic floor is very much a component of adduction, by looking at the specific muscle attachments on Andy....

Did this video help you connect with your pelvis better?

What sports/activities do you participate in and are your adductors shortened or lengthened?

Can you connect with your pelvic floor muscles?

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