Sometimes You Need Stitches in Your Knee

I was walking the dogs in Montana and Koda (65 lbs) knocked into an empty trash can.  This is apparently really scary, because she bolted and I didn't get my hand out of the leash in time...  I think you know what happened next.  I ate gravel.  So did my knee cap.  

This is why we affectionately call her "spook".

The take home message was "Slow Down Bev".  I was on the phone while walking around a busier area than usual.  An hour and $218 later, I had stitches in my knee.  I cried and cried and cried in urgent care.  The only exciting part was getting a look at my left patella up close and personal.  Then, I almost fainted.  There's a reason I didn't become a doctor.  

I love the body...with the skin on.    

I didn't pay attention to what I was doing on Tuesday, but now I have to, as I limp around.  I'm noticing the compensation patterns building in my body, to accommodate this injury.  It's fascinating.  My knee is red, throbbing and sore, but my mind is exhilarated by the way the body works around it.

I'm an anatomy nerd to the core.

The knee is healing fast.  It's very sci fi and will leave a scar, but at least I didn't injure my joints.  Thank goodness because ski season is around the corner....

Sometimes you need stitches in your knee to make you more aware of your body. 

My body is giving me a second chance.  Thank goodness for that.  I love watching it heal.

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