Advice from the best

This past spring, the Mesa College Fitness Specialist Program I teach for had the privelege to welcome some local San Diego guest speakers to class.  This is raved about by the students each and every year, which is why I always do my best to recruit captivating and successful individuals to come inspire us.  Here are some of the highlights from those late nights at Mesa: 

Dustin Schafer:

Take responsibility for your health.

Sleep, Sun, Oxygen, Water, Food & Brain should be your major focus.

Push Ups - get you off the floor

Squat to the floor - so you can get up in Asia

Sit-Up - to get out of bed

Lunge - to tie your shoes

Evelyne Lambrecht - Health Coach SD

"Your body is not a bank account, it is a chemistry lab" - Its not how much you put in, its what.

Evelyne has found an effective way to train clients in small groups and offer nutrition consulting separately to proved better results.   

Marshane Malone - Shape Up Studio

Markshane has a contagious energy that he brought to our classroom.  He has this big smile and fire in his heart that radiates a warmth to the people he speaks to.  You can feel his passion and sensitivity even through his loud beaming voice.  He inspired the students to do what ever it takes and told his story about starting with nothing, to now become very successful and happy.

Ross Clark

Practice what you Preach.  The methods that you use to overcome your own obstacles will be the same that you apply with your clients.  They can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice when you have struggled yourself.  Ross, being one of our most experience speakers dazzled the students with his beginnings in La Jolla as one of the first Fitness studios.  La Jolla's Finest Training is now where I proudly call my home. 

Andrea Krakower - Scripps Healthcare

Andrea conveys this certainty about where she is in her career path, having landed her dream job.  She is certain of her place in the corporate world verses the independent contractor lifestyle, which is rare to find.  Many sing the praises of overseeing their own business, but Andrea brings ease to those who are intimidated by this lifestyle through her satisfaction in a salary job. 

Click Here to read about the forward-thinking wellness program at Scripps!

Mark Sun - Crossfit Sun

Being a graduate of our program, Mark enlightened the students to just how much can be accomplished within a year.  His business has a family feel to it, with a small community of people who support one another.  The students enjoyed Mark because he is very real to them, has had his struggles and yet is doing very well with his fitness empire!

Megan Williams

Another graduate from the program who was a born Fitness Leader!  Megan is working her way through the first steps as an independent contractor and having various jobs to support living the dream.  She is on her way and it will be great to see where she is next year.  Her advice to the class was very valuable, as it applied to them where they are right now, with her having been there just a year ago.