Do you use these 2 things to help motivate cooking?

Both ideas were inspired and reinforced by a chef that I took a cooking class with at Great News in Pacific Beach, CA.  Her name is Diane Phillips.

We all have our days, our weeks, or sometimes months of a lack of motivation to cook.  There are some simple things you can do to help make the processes less painful and easier on yourself. 

The first one regards the difference between merely injuring a bell pepper and actually chopping it is not to be underestimated.  I spent years cursing at this vegetable because of its unwillingness to just get sliced all the way through.  Instead, I would just avoid bell peppers, which is a shame, because they are delicious and healthy - plus in Southern California it is tough to avoid using them in our many delicious mexican inspired dishes.  Finally, my sister to the rescue, with the gift of a ceramic knife!  Pictured here, the white color takes some time to get used to - but it does the trick!  Bell Peppers and other fruits or vegetables are  severed in half the time and with half the frustration, if any at all!  Now if I could only get the grocer to avoid putting that little sticker on them, that does not want to come off.  You know the one that I mean!  Spend the $40 and get yourself a ceramic knife!  Mine’s from Great News

The second piece of advice I have for you is within the same picture and something Diane mentioned in her class, but that I believe can be applied in many ways.  Instead of buying a bunch of wonderful looking fruits and vegetables and stuffing them in your fridge, never to be seen again....rinse the ones that need it right when you get home, or within that same day.  Also, in regards to cooking, you should have some sort of plan for those vegetables, so if it is feasible - chop the ones you are using the next day the night before - or several hours before.  That way, when its time to start cooking, some of the work is already done and it makes the task seem less daunting. 

People often like to eat cereal in the morning and avoid making eggs or oatmeal because they do not have the same flavor in a short time.  I don’t know many people who don’t like an omelette or oatmeal with fresh fruit & nuts in it.  The night before, take the 5 minutes and chop the veggies for your omelette, cook the bacon and break it into pieces.  OR... chop up the walnuts for the oatmeal and even put the cutting board, cinnamon and knife out on the counter so its ready to go for your oatmeal in the morning.    It will be tough to pass it up for that cold, soggy bowl of cereal.