Have you had your Fitness Check Up?


New in 2012:

Fitness Check Ups!!!!!!


Your scale does not tell the truth & leaves you lost.

A key reason people hire personal trainers is to be held accountable. 

If your finances are not including the luxury of private sessions this year, at least hire a coach to keep you in check.

Meet with me once or twice a month to take measurements based upon your goals and let the NUMBERS do the talking. 

*Circumference (inches)
*Body Fat (percentage)
*Balance (seconds)
*Strength  (repetitions or time)
*Cardiovascular (Heart Rate)


I am offering these consults at: $30 for 30 minutes of measuring and question answering when you pre-pay for the year.  For $360 this year you get 12 visits guaranteed to keep you on track better then ever before.  Or schedule them individually and pay as you go for $50/session.  I am providing the discount because I KNOW your results will be better if you COMMIT!

You CAN have success come next holiday season.

Also, ask about my new virtual coaching service. 

By request only & varies by the individual, location, etc.