This crazy idea I had...

Ever get an idea and you are unsure where it came from?  It seems to make sense somehow, but you can't quite put your finger on how it arrived?  Our brain is a powerful and creative organ that makes connections between our thoughts.  Especially for women, as I have heard that we think in webs, whereas men think more linear.  As I do laundry and write this post...

Platt College, school of visual effects needed a field trip for their Anatomy class, where they were learning about the human body and their health.  San Diego Mesa College Fitness Specialist Students needed practice in a real life scenario.  As the professor of both, my brain delivered a solution.  After approval from the administration at both locations and the go ahead from a few of my teaching mentors, I began to plan.

On a Tuesday night, 20 Platt Students arrived at San Diego Mesa College to be interviewed about a Health History Questionnaire they had filled out the week prior.  I could not describe to you accurately the energy in the room that night, as I watched the smiles, head nodding and the focus of these students.  All on a quest of being better.  That's why I love being an educator.  What an environment to be in!

It seemed to me a success as the students filtered out and headed home.  But it wasn't until I read the essays from this assignment that I realized the power of what my brain had done for me and for them.  I am grateful to the people who supervise me for allowing this outside of the norm type of learning.  I think it is by far one of the most valuable teaching tools I have come to use.   

Platt Students (Client)
"He was polite and I could tell he is comfortable talking to clients."
"She believed in me."
"He made me feel energized about my goals."
"She changed my outlook."

Mesa Students (Personal Trainer)
"This made it easier to understand and able to do an interview in the future."
"I have no questions about this process now that I got to experience it first hand."
"It gave me an idea of what to expect."