Bev's 2017 New Year Intentions

New years resolutions are all the buzz right now. How to. How not to. Is anyone else feeling the pressure? How about instead of resolutions that last an ENTIRE YEAR, we work on setting intentions that last a month, a week or even just a day! 

My approach this year is simple. I've committed to daily actions that lead to the feelings I want to have. I'm inspired by The Desire Map Experience by Danielle LaPorte. She talks about using feelings as the guiding light for goal setting.

What immediately pops into your mind when I ask....

How Do You Want to Feel?

Here's what comes to my mind:

  • Joyful
  • Free
  • Adventurous
  • Appreciated
  • Cozy
  • Refreshed
  • Creative
  • Connected
  • Helpful

Now, I'm wondering...

What Choices Can You Make Daily to Achieve Those Feelings?

Playing with my dogs and baby make me feel joyful. I feel free and adventurous when I'm in the mountains skiing or hiking. My job as an editor for NFPT makes me feel appreciated because the team I'm part of is awesome. Warm baths, petting my dogs and snuggling with hubby or baby help me feel cozy. I'm refreshed when I exercise, meditate or receive a massage. I'm creative when writing and teaching topics I'm interested in that can be helpful to others. I feel connected when engaging with other like-minded people. 

These are just a few familiar and foundational ways to achieve the feelings that satisfy my soul. There are other ways, some that I may not be aware of...

When a choice or decision arises I try and remember to ask myself: 

"Is what I'm about to commit to going to cause a feeling I want to experience?"

There are many ways to achieve the feelings you desire. Some of the tasks you do daily naturally cause a desired emotion. That's why you do them. Others do not. And of course there are obligations that don't directly cause a desired emotion, like doing laundry. But, indirectly doing laundry might help you feel connected to your family or helpful. It's that way for me anyhow.

For a Feel Good 2017 I Ask You This...

What tasks can you add to your day and week to help you experience what you want to feel?

What can you say NO to, leaving more room for things that make you feel good?

I've compiled activities to do daily as I start my 2017 life that set a strong baseline for happiness and success in my world. These need to happen most of the time for me to meet my basic needs and emotions daily. Here they are if you're curious... 

My Daily Intentions (to happen at least once per day)

1. Shower/Bath
2. Meditate 10-30 minutes (can be while nursing)
3. Stretch and do abdominal exercises for 15 min. (usually while baby naps)
4. Foam Roll my back or massage my feet before bed
5. Write in journal
6. Cook and clean kitchen
7. Write/Edit for NFPT, ACE, Mindful Mama, etc.
8. Connect with husband
9. Interact with baby (and take care of all his needs - haha)


My Weekly Intentions (to happen at least once per week)

1. Ski, hike or walk in the mountains with dogs (without baby)
2. Play in the yard with dogs for 20-30 min.
3. Visit the library with Isaac for baby group
4. Grocery Shop or run errands with Isaac
5. Fitness Circuit Indoors for 20-30 min.
6. Walk with Isaac in baby carrier
7. Do Laundry
8. Vacuum
9. Meet up with a friend or catch up on the phone with someone

Especially if you're setting fitness goals this don't have to run a marathon. You can start small, once a week. 

Out in the mountains getting a Christmas Tree

This list is a starting point for me this year and will change and evolve as the days go by I'm sure. 

My goals this year are simple and revolve around normal daily life instead business ambitions as they have in the past because that is what I'm working to achieve this year. A simple, joyful daily life. When you're happy with your regular routine you attract more happiness to your life. It might sound cliche, but it's true. 

What are your new years intentions? Share them in the comments below!