Shorter Days Are a Gift

Ok, I'll admit. I don't always love these short days. But, when I stop to think about what it really means to have less daylight the appeal is discovered.

Shorter days give you an EXCUSE to sleep more at night. In fact, I think it's what nature intended. Hibernation.

Winter is the perfect time of year to go inward both physically and emotionally. To reflect.

In order to explore your needs, wants, desires - you need to slow down. Done and done. Thanks mother nature!

If you do choose to indulge in more sleep, you have less time for everything else which initially seems problematic. Having less time is actually a blessing in disguise because it means you have to be more particular about what you choose to do with the time your eyes are open.

When being honest with yourself you can clearly see that there is less time for nonsense. Less time for drama. Less time for anything that's not really important.

Less time can be a good thing when you make aligned choices for yourself.

Open your eyes to the limited daylight that exists this time of year and discover the clarity of that light. What is weighing down your days?

Now, Let Go! You'll feel lighter in the new year without even having to go on a diet or exercise more. 

What will you do with the extra daylight coming your way after December 21st?