Expansion Ahead - The Shortest Day of the Year


Today is the shortest day of the year. It's exciting! Now the days start getting longer again even though they are quite short well into February. And tomorrow is actually as short (or long) as two days ago. But...

There is a completely different energy when a day is shorter than the one before it vs. longer than the one before it.

It feels like each day we are gaining something instead of losing something.

However, you're not really losing when the days get shorter though. You only lose if you fight it. Only if you persist on at the same pace you have all year.

But, if you slow down, rest and reflect during the shortening days then the lengthening days seem even brighter. Please share tips for slowing down in the comments, we can all use them!

If you kicked and screamed about the shortening days this year that's ok! Resistance to change is natural. And there's always next year to embrace the longer nights.

For now, celebrate! The days are indeed getting longer, little by little. Since the days are still considerably short in comparison to summertime though, be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself extra sleep and rest. Take a hot bath instead of doing the dishes. Go home a little early from those holiday parties.



Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore. 

Now, share the good news with your loved ones. Give them permission to slow down and slowly expand as well.