Daylight Savings got you down?

I have heard a lot of grumbles about the early sunsets this past week.  There is one thing for sure, we can't change it and it's only getting earlier for the next month. 

Happiness will come from:

#1 Accepting the reality that you cannot change this fact.  Katie Byron

#2 Looking at the bright side - literally!

     *Take advantage of the lighter mornings and get up for a walk or to have your coffee on the patio

       (or near a window with a view of the outdoors.

     *Getting the daylight into your eyes early morning will stimulate your mind and body!

       (and make it easier to go to bed earlier)  CLICK HERE to learn more!

#3 Make a list of activites you can do when the sun sets.  Here is mine:

     *Cook food to take to work - get ideas here!

     *See a movie

     *Country line-dancing

     *Read a book

     *Call friend/family

     *Attend local lectures, toastmasters meetings, etc.

     *Exercise indoors, meditate

     *Go to sleep earlier and rest

     *Take a bath

     *Massage my feet and hands with coconut oil - click here to see how!

"Fail to plan and you can plan to fail!" 

Having a game-plan is half the challenge.   

Make your list and share it below!!!

This is a time of year for rest, rejuvenation and reflection.  Mother Earth isn't playing a trick on us by making the days shorter.  It is part of the natural cycle of the universe.  Instead of resisting it and increasing stress, let's work with nature and embrace it's beauty!

Get more ideas Here!