Ski into the holidays...

Ski Season is approaching and the mountains are accumulating snow.  Teton Gravity Research and Warren Miller are presenting their films to build anticipation for the season.  And it is working!  Aside from booking plane tickets, contemplating season pass purchases and pulling the gear out of the closet, there is something else on my mind....

You guessed it!!!  I am thinking about 3 P's!  Injury Prevention, Performance Enhancement and Preparation!

"Fail to prepare and you can prepare to fail."  Or fall....

Now is the time to commit to a program that can improve your skiing abilities this year and also prevent injuries.  While some injuries are purely by accident, others can be prevented with proper preparation.  Orthopedic surgeons discuss the topic in this article: Ski Injury Prevention Article

Chiropractors discuss the topic in this article: Ski Conditioning Article.

These medical professionals are speaking the truth because they earn money from injuries. 

It is refreshing to see them educating the community about prevention!

Top Injuries: MCL (knee), ACL (knee) & ulnar collateral ligament (thumb).

Injury often occurs when there is a lack of stability/strength and too much flexibility.  Both are important and require practice and awareness to develop. 

Aside from injury, we can all get into better shape and become stronger for the season.  I work with many clients before the ski season each year and created a special program for skiers to prepare for the season.  Some of my pro-ski clients have helped design the exercises and modified the sequences, enhancing the quality of the routines. 

The goal of the program and exercises:

1) Increase flexibility and strength simultaneously to enhance performance while preventing injury.

2) Condition the heart and lungs to prepare for the cardiovascular demand.

3) Practice exercises that are sport specific to increase endurance.

4) Enjoy exercise more by doing a routine that benefits the body & reminds you of your sport.

It's always more fun to exercise when you have a goal and your mind is occupied with something you enjoy.

And while you are focused on ski season preparation it will be easier to make healthy choices this holiday!

*Come in for a pre and post fitness assessment at the gym so that you can measure your results!

*I will guide you through the routine in the gym and then you can perform it at home & come back in when you want new exercises.

I have a few appointments available in my morning schedule, secure one while you can!

See you on the slopes....