Bev's Personal Trainer...

1 of the top 3 determinants for exercise adherence is having what psychologists call "social support".  You don't need a masters degree to know that having someone hold you accountable and keep you company can be a huge motivation for most people to stay committed to exercise.  A group fitness class or personal trainer is one easy way to be accountable to your fitness.  This is one of the reasons I have a career.  A big thanks to the human brain for needing support to stay fit!  Do you have any exercise buddies?  Leave a comment below.  No?  See if you can round a few up before the end of this year.  Find an activity and a time of day/week you both have in common and then be a leader and make the effort to schedule exercise dates. 

I have a few different friends that I can usually call upon to make a plan and stay committed.  My friend Sayaka will usually meet me for a morning walk between clients by the ocean.  My friend Justin is always up for a late afternoon climbing session.  Karl, my boyfriend and I will regularly swim, go for a bike ride or do a circuit workout at the gym.

But, do you know who my #1 accountable workout friend is?  Woman's Best Friend!  Koda!  She never cancels, says no or goes out of town.


Koda is always excited for a hike in the canyon, run on the beach or a swim in the ocean!  If I have energy for more than one of those or all 3 in one day, she is ready!  In fact, she gets me outside more often than I would be on my own devices.  Even us Fitness Professionals need a push sometimes. 

Please share your exercise committment strageties below, we can all use new ideas!