Does an Apple a Day keep the Doctor Away?

I LOVE Pink Lady Apples!!!  Especially when they come from the Farmers Market.  They are very sweet and crispy, which quenches my thirst just right!!!

Eating Fruit on an empty stomach like many other nutrition controversies again really comes down to YOU!  Another thought is to eat only protein for breakfast.  The best way to really find out is to participate in some sort of nutrition test or metabolic typing.  You can also keep a food journal.  The real question is whether or not our bodies should have the same nutrients each day at the same time or if its better to listen to what we need via cravings.

Sugar & that Apple

One theory is that if you eat fruit before your other food, the sugars can get into your body faster, potentially giving you more energy than if eaten with other food, which could be good or bad depending on your health situation.  Someone with a sugar imbalance (i.e. diabetes) might want to slow down sugar absorption.  The potential issue with this theory is that if your body is sensitive to simple sugars, this may not work.

Record It!

If you are concerned or intrigued about this particular topic, then you might be a great candidate to keep a food and feeling journal!  Write in a note book what you eat for a week, the time you eat it and record how you are feeling before and after the meal. 

Do you feel hungry, full, happy, sad, bloated, satisfied, energetic, tired, etc?  By writing it down and reviewing it or having a professional review it for you, some trends will become unmistakably obvious.  And then you can begin to make changes´╗┐.  If you aren't diary savvy, then you can still become aware of these feelings as you consume various meals.  Particularly pay attention to how you feelin when you first wake and what you ate the night before. 

Good Luck!  Please share your insights and results below!!