The best exercise you can do

What is the best kind of exercise?  There are a lot of options out there!!!  I say the best kind of exercise is that in which is accessible and appropriate for the situation!  The best kind of exercise is that in which you can share with someone else that you care about.  Exercise should invigorate you, light you up and make you feel alive!!!  This spring I was introduced to some different types of exercise in which I did not expect and polar opposites!!!

Usually, on a family vacation, I am the one influencing the physical activity.  But, I am proud to say that this time my cousin brought up the challenge of swimming laps in the pool while I was in Florida.  The 85 degree weather was a perfect setting for this feat.  Add a 30 minute bike ride through paradise into the equation and you have it made!  An evening walk turned it into my version of a triathlon. 

That same week, over to Chicago and hit with an unexpected (but expected - it is Chicago) wintery mix of rain, snow & wind I got my hand at the X-Box 360 mentioned in an earlier blog.  Sure, I was impressed with the activities they had for you and the way they mirror your body on the screen.  I was also happy to find that the game will only allow you to participate in more challenging exercise once you have mastered beginner levels.  While this may frustrate the new-gamer with real exercise experience, it set my mind at ease as a fitness professional.  

These 2 experiences, back to back reminded me of why I love my career so much.  What I do to earn money shows up in my free time, not because I work overtime, but because when I am at work I am doing what I love.