Do this for 1 week and see the difference!

Diets and Cleanses

Have you ever participated in a 1-week cleanse or a 1-week diet?  How about a 1-month cleanse or diet? 

So, do these "diets" really work?  I guess it depends on your goal and what you are expecting.

Are you trying to loose weight, do you want more energy?  Decide on the desired result.

Health Professionals Cheat too!

Hands down, lifestyle change vs. quick fixes will always win and even then, those of us who practice this lifestyle as a career (fitness/medical professionals) enjoy a good glass of wine, some cheese and mom's spaghetti from time to time.  That is all part of the balance in being healthy.  The holidays are a challenge no matter what your profession, no matter how wealthy you are and whether or not you have a really good reason to avoid indulgence.   We are only human!!!

I am blessed by the influence of professionals who have given me insight on nutrition and healthy eating, such as Pamela Minix MATs, RTSm, Sara Grout, MS & Dustin Schaffer, MATs.  All whom I seek advice from because of challenges they have overcome personally and thus been able to advise others adequately.  

"If you desire a solution to a problem, seek out someone who has overcome that problem successfully and then listen & apply what they tell you."

Advice from the Best of the Best

Pam and I often discuss this idea of balance and that being healthy does not mean cutting out everything bad.  Indulging is sometimes part of a healthy lifestyle.  Sara continually mentions to me the importance of how we are each unique and that paying attention to that individuality is crucial in making changes to lifestyle.  Dustin managed to motivate me through the plan he uses with his clients, so that I could gain some insight and some change. 

This is what Dustin said that really resonated with me...

The particular program I participated in was a progression of changes across several weeks that accumulated to a 1-week finale of ultimate strictness.  This feature I particularly liked, was the gradual increase in change that it induced.   Rather than changing all at once, slowly making small additions and subtractions from the current eating habits.  I recommend doing this with a trained professional, but you can certainly try it on your own, with proper discipline.

Dustin said to look at this as a RESET or in other words a "worst case scenario" of eating.  That final week of strict eating, reminds you of how nice it is to have some of the foods that are less healthy.  As my boyfriend Dave says, its about contrast.  The ying and the yang.  The bad makes the good so wonderful.

Realize there is more to a cleanse than just the results.  Its the mental attitude change that can sometimes be more powerful than anything. 

What are your thoughts???  Or your "diets"??

And remember: "Don't go on a diet, CHANGE your diet!!!"

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