Wheelbarrow Races anyone?

Have a fit body, but also have a fit life!  When in New Jersey this summer, I helped my dad chop down two 60 year old trees.  It was a 2 day project consisting of about 10 hours.  It would have cost hundreds of dollars to hire somebody, so we saved money and benefited our health by doing it together. 

Working in the yard as a team can be very beneficial to your muscles, heart and relationships!  With a hand saw and some clippers we got the small branches one by one.  A wheel-barrow served as transport to the back yard pile.  Luckily we found a neighbor with a chain-saw to finish the job and take out the stumps. 
Remember, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have proper form and technique when working in your yard.

Here are some reminders:

1) Keep the shoulders as relaxed as possible, think "down away from the ears".
2) Tighten the core when sawing and when pushing a wheel-barrow.
3) Use both sides of the body as evenly as possible: even weight in the legs, switch arms or switch rotation side when applicable. 
4) Take medium to deep breaths, be sure not to hold your breath!
5) Breaks are very important, every 20-30 minutes for WATER and rest.
6) Eat a healthy breakfast before engaging in intense yard work. 
7) Reward yourself after the task is complete with a delicious meal at home or out!

It can be fun to mix up your routine with some good ol' fashioned backyard exercise once in awhile.  If you need a place to workout I am sure my dad wouldn't mind a visit from you!