Why you might need a check up, NOW!

Instead of checking your facebook today, check in with your body.  You might be suprised what it says to you!  Not sure how to do this?  Close your eyes and start by noticing your breath, without controlling it.  Then, do a body scan and notice each part of your body.  Take note of any aches, pains, or stiffness.  Finally, ask your body if there is anything it needs.  Does it need water, rest, exercise, stretching, food, etc.?  This only takes a minute or two and it is a valuable skill to practice and master. 

If your body doesn't say anything, then you might just need to practice a few times before it starts communicating with you.  It is funny how we are so quick to check and see what everyone else is doing before thinking of our own health.  People also tend to jump out of bed and go through the morning motions, without addressing specific needs for that day.  Sometimes, that is necessary when you have to be somewhere.  But, on the weekends this activity can be very useful to get the day off to a better start.  When you start to see the benefit, you may leave extra time on the weekdays as well to check in.

This morning, my feet told me that they were sick and tired of me!  So, I got up, filled up a tub with warm water and scrubbed them with lavender salts.  Other mornings I need water, a walk outside or food right away.  Each day is different and this re-connection to your body is very important for a happy, healthy and harmonious life.  Not sure where to start with pampering yourself more?  Give the foot soak a try, I don't think your body will be upset with you.  

My holistic nutritionist, Sara Grout uses this same technique with eating, but that's another skill all together.  Leave me a comment on what your body is saying to you and let me know if I can help translate!!