Do you take supplements?

"What do you think about supplements?"  A question I hear often from new clients.  This is a tough topic to take a stand on, because it is hard to know the quality behind ingredients in pills and powders.  I am currently trying something new.  I took a Metabolic Typing Test with holistic nutritionist, Sara Grout to find out what type of supplements might benefit me.  She helped me choose a multi-vitamin that is specific to my body, an adrenal support pill, and an enzyme, an HCL pill, plus a probiotic for digestion.  This was because I am a "Fast Oxidizer" which means I am high energy and I burn through food very quickly.  I am eating foods that keep me full longer and taking these extra nutrients temporarily to allow healing and restoration happen inside.  This makes sense to me!

When making changes to your habits, particularly with food or exercise, the body does over-work slightly to adjust its chemistry.  Another reason for extra rest!  I like that these supplements are taken for a short time period to move the body forward and then can be incorporated again in the future as necessary.  I am not sure how I feel about taking something on-going, forever at this point.  We shouldn't eat the same exact food every single day at every meal and I am going to take the same stand for supplements.  I will let you know how this program works out in a future blog, sign up for my email list on the homepage to keep up to date!

Here is a great article that covers eating the same food continuously that I like.

As far as protein powder goes, I currently use Sun Warrior.  It is rice-based and so far so good!  I like it!  Leave me a comment below on your supplementation regimen or on questions you have!