BEST Scallops Recipe!

I finally nailed it!  I have been trying to make delicious scallops for over a year now and each time my wallet and my stomach are dissapointed (because you know scallops are not cheap).
I think the main error I made was not cutting the scallops in half (maintain the circle, slice them horizontally).  The cooking time is key with making these and I always found they were not done within the times suggested.  Then, I read this blog that had incredible instructions!

Here is the recipe I followed, I chose the 3rd one for Classic Scallops!
I had a major workout that day, so I served them with chicken sausage and brussel sprouts.
Saute the bruseel sprouts in olive oil until they brown slightly for a crispy treat and sprinkle with sea salt.
Cut the chicken sausage and saute in olive oil for a few minutes until slightly brown and heated.
Best meal of my life!  And I got to share it with my mom and dad at home, even better.  xo