Five of the BEST Recovery Strategies

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Do you or your clients have tight muscles?  Have they been injured?  OR Are they injury prone?  While we cannot diagnose or treat injuries, we can suggest recovery strategies that can alleviate discomfort or possibly prevent injury.  Encourage your clients to apply one or more of these strategies after every workout!

1) Take a hot bath, shower or hot tub.  Do some shoulder rolls or gentle stretches as the warm water soothes your joints.  

2) Nap or Sleep extra on nights after intense workouts.  The muscles heal faster when they aren’t being required to contract.

3) Massage - Self, partner or professional.  Find what works best for you.  I like to use coconut oil, it helps me sleep better and seems to decrease soreness the next day.

4) Meditation - Quiet your mind and set a timer for 5 minutes.  Tune in to what your body is feeling, think about your workout and your muscles.  It will get easier with practice. 

5) Cool-down and/or stretch after a workout.  It is important to bring your heart rate and state of stress back down to normal after an intense workout, so that you aren’t in flight or flight mode the rest of the day.

Please share your favorite recovery techniques below in the comments.  
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