Alleviating a tight IT Band long term

If I had a dollar for every time I heard about this problem, I would be rich!  Remember...the IT Band (Iliotibial Band) is a tendon.  Tendons are mostly collagen and are present to withstand tension.   They have also been shown to act as springs.  What would happen if you massaged a spring?  They attach muscles to bone...  Stretching tendons and foam rolling them is only half the solution to correcting this problem.  It feels good, but there are more pieces to the puzzle.  Watch the video below and open your mind...  

Andy is getting more vocal lately, at 0:51 seconds he voices his opinion!

BONUS!!!  Homework for you...

Locate the spots shown in the video on your own hip and increase your awareness.

How many of the other 20+ hip muscles can you recall?

Which of these muscles are synergists to Gluteus Maximus? Tensor Fascia Latae?
Which of these muscles are antagonists to Gluteus Maximus? Tensor Fascia Latae?

Make a list of the hip muscles and then check off synergists and antagonists to GM and TFL.

As you explore these relationships and create isolated exercises for the hip muscles, you will be able to find solutions to IT Band tightness that are longer lasting than quick fix relief from foam rolling or massage.  Relief is important, but the hip also need stability and balance!

Protocols can only take you so far.  Each person is different.  Navigating the body for yourself is the true key to a balanced body.

Keep the conversation going in the comments below and please share Andy's video with your friends or clients...  He wants to help everybody!