Are you sure you're cueing squats correctly?

Andy's favorite holiday is here and his relatives are all around town!!!  I have been visiting some of Montana's great Ghost Towns like Garnet and Virginia City, to get in the Halloween mood - what about you? 

I made a special video to help you connect a very popular exercise move with bones.  Learn where the real rules about squats come from and see Andy's great Halloween Costume!  

Your body will breathe a huge sigh of relief when you find out the most common mis-conception about squats.  It's easy to overlook this fact!

Visit this link (mentioned in the video) to get a closer look at what I talked about in the video...

Share with me!  How do you squat?  

We will see you soon with a special ski video.
Have a Happy Halloween and keep squatting,

Bev and Andy

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